Saturday, January 29, 2011


So I've recently fallen victim to that remote hobby of mine that is table-top wargaming, and have taken up FOW at the local professional gaming store, which results hugely from my having listened to an episode of The D6 Generation on the topic. However, when playing games at the store there's this hugely complicated system for determining points for the game after one had finished. So, long story short, I hastily made a calculator cell-phone app for it.

The calculator is called Point'd and can be used for any game with a two-tier two-player scoring system (where there are primary and secondary objectives).

The application supports a limited number of arithmetic operations in the input boxes, which includes: addition (+), multiplication (*), division (/), and subtraction (-). The text fields also forgive such things as unknown symbols (accidentally pressed letters). It's not perfect, but it should do for the purpose of what I'm doing with it.

My main objective was to make it work on the biggest subset of cellphones I could, without making too much actual effort - that's part of the reason it looks so bad, actually.


The installation file is available for download: Point'd and Point'd Lite 0.4.1.

The cell phone needs to be compatible with:
  • Java ME,
  • MIDP 2.0, and
  • CLDC 1.0

The application comes in two versions (both in the same jar file:
  • a better-looking version using LWUIT (called Point'd) and
  • a worse-looking version using good ole LCDUI (called Point'd Lite).

Some screenshots and that

This is how the thing looks:

And the Lite version:

The code is available on GitHub at pointd and is licensed under the GPL.